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We are Time Window: a community of 50 Rotterdam-based artists, sharing space and changing the system.


Individual artists & collectives

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Shared space: studios, ateliers, offices


Studios of different sizes + communal spaces

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Since 2014 we develop new working methods and innovative ways to collectivize as independent artists

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Under construction

Good news! After a hard 2020 we were accepted into Cultuurplan 2021-2024 of the city of Rotterdam. This means we get structural funding to continue and formalize our development of new working methods. TimeWindow is now a talent development institute!

¬†With our new budget we can also work towards a new site that represents us better. Some of our tech-savvy members are working on this right now! The bad news for you is the website you’re seeing now is only a placeholder and the info is not completely up to date.

In the meantime it’s best to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and upcoming events. As soon as the new website is online we’ll announce it there too, of course.

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