The Time Window collective

Time Window currently houses 50 artists from various disciplines. Though performing arts are our main focus, we also have visual artists, writers, musicians and everything in between. These are our individual members and collectives-within-the-collective.

Milou Brockhus / TC MACABRE

Writer / Theatre maker / Dramaturg

Milou graduated as a playwright/dramaturg but nowadays fills her time being an allround superpower in the Rotterdam theatre industry. Through her company TC MACABRE she creates work on the human condition, identity and inclusivity on the verge of theatre, performance and visual art. TC MACABRE stands for finding the beauty in what is perceived as ugly, and showing the shadows of what is considered beautiful.

Anna Luka da Silva

Theatre maker

I mainly work under my collective Venus Pop Grotto! with classmate Nora Ramakers. As creators, we share a deep desire to restore our physical relationship with nature. Nora gets warm from nude swimming, nasal rinsing and the feeling of mud between her toes. Anna Luka from rhyme, skin fungi and emotion-regulating homework sheets. Venus Pop Grotto! believes that the body has an irrational wisdom that the brain cannot grasp. Deep in the irrational mud, we like to dig for a fertile ground that empowers and restores the inexhaustible dance between all brooding life forms. Feminism, eco-sexuality and spiritual emancipation often return in our work.

Marta Wörner

Performer / Pedagogue / Choreographer

Marta Wörner was born in Madrid in 1990. Her curiosity for meeting other cultures led her to live in London, the south of Italy and now in Rotterdam. Between those countries, she studied Audiovisual Communication and dance. The official story is that what brought her here is to follow the Choreography Master programme at Codarts, which she finished last year. Although, the actual story is that she dreamed she was living here when she was 13, so she decided to give it a try. She has been developing her artistic practice, always related to contemporary dance but under an interdisciplinary approach, as a performer, pedagogue and choreographer.

Marijke de Vos / Teddy shouldn't smoke

Choreographer / Contemporary dance collective

Teddy shouldn’t smoke is the dance company run by choreographer Marijke de Vos. In her perfomances she explores emotionality and the dark side of the psyche. Sometimes with irony, but bloody serious when needed. Teddy always interacts with artists from different disciplines.

Mihai Gui

Doer of stuff

Mihai Gui was born in 1989, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and graduated in 2016 with an MA from AKV St.Joost in Breda, The Netherlands. He is a recipient of the Mondriaan Fonds Jong Talent stipend in 2017. Mihai does stuff. Within his own artistic practice, he likes to focus on challenging the established value of art in contemporary society and ask “WHAT can art DO?” and “WHY must art DO?” He is currently either working on a personal project, or on a commission, or learning how to do something useless, or all of the above, or maybe just wasting time.

Nadîja Roza Broekhart / HipSick Unusual Theatre

Maker & perfomer / Unusual theatre collective

Straight from the underground partyscene and a background in fashion; Nadîja is founder and artistic lead of HipSick Unusual Theatre. By flirting with performance and live art – HipSick aims to induce the audience into the realm of the surreal. Their performances are a play on perception; using their own visually pungent style. The moving body is a foundational keystone in the creation process and definitive work. In spirit of the ‘unusual’, HipSick is always on the lookout for authentic and unconventional locations  (warehouse clubs, funerals and so on) to perform at.


Ashley Boom


Ashley Boom graduated in 2015 as an actor, but soon got into playwriting. Now she writes independently and in collaborations, with a great fascination for and devotion to translating human speech patterns to paper and screen. She also writes, edits and corrects commercial texts. She’s been involved in developing several network organisations for artists.

Birgit Welink

Actor / Theatre maker

Birgit Welink (1989 Nordhorn) is a german/dutch theatermaker and actress. She graduated at the university of the arts in Utrecht (2016).
Her own work is often inspired by philosophical ideas and personal questions towards society. Birgit uses references from pop culture and her work is physical intense and uses the musicality of the performers. Besides her own work Birgit works as an actress for various Theater and TV productions.


Katarina Jazbec

Photographer / Visual artist

Katarina Jazbec is a a Slovenian documentary photographer and a visual artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her artistic practice is based on a long-standing participatory research where she examines different approaches to the narrativity, identity, empathy and the relationship between fact and fiction, through photography, film, reading and writing. 

s t i j n v a n e r p

Performer / Writer / Director

Stijn van Erp is a performer, writer and director.
He graduated in performance art at the theatre academy of Maastricht in 2016. He writes texts which he performs. He always questions life in his performances, or the way we live it emotionally or socially, and somehow it always ends up being in the now. The only moment where a real connection is possible. That is what he is searching for, a real connection on stage.


Warrior poet / Illustrator

Warrior Poet who draws dark but humorous work, writes haiku’s to understand his feelings and kicks ass. Makes emotional work with topics like fragile masculinity or a socially void society and also sells clothing under the Trailer Trash Couture banner.


Music theatre collective

SATURNERS is a young music theatre collective consisting of Jip Warmerdam, Matthijs Rijsdijk and Veronique Post. They all graduated from Codarts in 2019. All members of SATURNERS have developed other skillsets next to their artistic qualities, stemming from past educations in respectively interaction design, French language studies and dance. Naturally, the unique SATURNERS signature is defined by images, language and dance coming together on stage.

Zouhair Mtazi

Actor / Filmmaker

Zouhair Mtazi is an actor, performer and filmmaker. Zouhair has been in the spotlight from an early age. Although not directly in front of the camera or on the stage, but at home for his family and friends. He came up with childish sketches, played self-invented roles.

Nina Markus

Animator / Illustrator

Graduated as an illustrator, I’m more focused on creating animations now. Moving stories can move people.  
On one hand I love the realistic and natural representation that reflects reality like a mirror. For that I observe and absorb. On the other hand I’m boundlessly obsessed with dreams and the subconscious mind. Surrealism is an inspiration to me. I wonder how I can give shape to that what’s beyond reality. I’m looking for my own interpretation of the images I receive when I close my eyes.

Moritz Geremus

Musician / Visual artist / Organiser

Moritz Geremus is a musician, visual artist and organiser. Besides being a dj for 15 year, he currently works on visual music projects where tones are transformed into images and vice-versa. He performs live with synthesizers and uses city-photography as his visual language for reflecting on psychological perceptions of urban environments.

Diederik Kreike


Diederik Kreike graduated in 2018 as an all-round performer from Toneelacademie Maastricht, and often works around themes such as identity, gender, sexuality and the club-scene. Besides his own work/performances in clubs and theatre, he also joins creative processes as set-/ video designer or outside-eye. Working in the nightlife and making theatre is a cross-pollination and inextricably connected. Let’s meet in the middle!

Ioana Lupascu

Multidisciplinary artist

Ioana Lupascu is an artist and designer trained as an architect. 
Her work spans fields and is rooted in a deep curiosity for how things come together, both in thought and in practice.  Ioana’s trans-disciplinary practice explores painting, photography, movement, exhibitions design, art installations and interaction design. Workshops, teaching and events have become a form of research and an excuse to talk to strangers. Always open to collaborations and conversations about alternatives to capitalism.

Ryan Cherewaty

Media artist

Ryan Cherewaty is a media artist from Toronto Canada. He works mainly in video, CGI and installation. His work is informed by the potential provided by technology in its possibility for celebrating and critiquing contemporary experience. Inspired by the rich contradictions that technology presents, he engages with the relationship of digital media to individual consciousness and social and cultural memory, and how this ecology affects our physical reality.

Pleun Gremmen

Visual artist / Designer

Pleun Gremmen (NL, 1992) is an artist and designer researching ways to create narratives through a variety of media reflecting mainly on internet subculture and politics while pushing the boundaries of her practice. She graduated in 2018 from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (Master Media Design, Experimental Publishing), and in 2014 from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (Bachelor Graphic Design).

Koen Caris


Koen is a writer, dramaturge, and translator. After a few years of writing drama series for national radio, Koen now focuses on theatre and prose, currently working on his debut novel at Atlas Contact. He was the recipient of the 2017 TheaterTekstTalent Award of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. Koens work hovers somewhere between poetry and yelling, between hard words and soft intentions, between the small miseries and grand beauties of everyday life. Never simple, always accessible.


Music theatre collective

We are CLUB GEWALT (Amir Vahidi, Annelinde Bruijs, Sanna Vrij, Loulou Hameleers, Suzanne Kipping, Robbert Klein, Gerty van de Perre, Rick Mouwen). A music and performance collective from Rotterdam, consisting of 7 multi-disciplined performers + 1 dramaturge + 1 manager = 9 millennials. As a collective we create energetic and bold performances that flirt with opera, high art and entertainment. Music always carries the main narrative. Being technically trained singers we make our own compositions, containing a broad variety of styles, using singing as our primary discipline.

De Droominee

Spoken word artist

(Spoken) Word Artist De Droominee a.k.a. Skinfiltr8r (Rik Zutphen) ventilates his collecting rage in poetry, sounds, images, performance and workshops.

Mathieu Wijdeven / Firma DRAAK

Performance collective

With Firma DRAAK we try to bridge the gap between human and object, dissecting our centuries old relationship. How does the object influence us, how is it freeing and how does it keep us imprisoned? We want to be limitless in our dreams, so we build our imagination on stage.

Anne van de Wetering

Writer / Dramaturg

Anne van de Wetering is a writer and dramaturg. She’s also part of CLUB GEWALT and plays the bass for legendary punk band Herr Hamschterfleisch.

Neshon Venetiaan

Business advisor

Neshon here, from Rotterdam. I graduated in event management, but that turned out to lead straight down the path of financial consultancy. After losing my purpose for a few years, I made the switch to the cultural field, where I hope to build bridges between the worlds of business and the arts.

Said el Abboudi

Actor / Theatre maker

Said is an actor and theatre maker. He graduated from De Acteerschool Rotterdam and since then he played in various theatre plays.


Lucien Rentmeester

Actor / Theatre maker

Lucien Rentmeester is a theatre actor-and-director. Together with Said el Abboudi he studied at De Acteerschool Rotterdam, an initiative of artistic director Bart Kiene in order to create an academic acting school in the city of Rotterdam. They work together frequently and therefore share a rehearsal space within Time Window Rotterdam. They recently started sharing the space with Neshon Venetiaan, who has an organisational and financial background and assists them with the entrepreneurial aspect of their projects development.A defining feature of Lucien’s work is the autobiographical character and his critical attitude towards the current artistic climate that results in a variety of non-theatrical-theatrical forms.

Zalán Szakács

Post-digital artist / Audiovisual performer / Researcher

Zalán Szakács is a post-digital artist, audiovisual performer and researcher who explores media theories through the use of light, space, and sound. His conceptual approach is translated into interactive and immersive environments, creating atmospheres that challenge human perception. In 2017, Szakács graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven (Bachelor Man and Communication), and in 2019 he completed his masters at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (Media Design: Experimental Publishing).

Peerke Malschaert

Theatre maker

Peerke Malschaert realizes ideas on the boundaries between education, installation and performance. She works with all sorts of groups, in between various disciplines. The result could be a statue of a wolf made out of liquorice or a clothing-ritual with teenagers from a Groningen suburb or an audio tour you can only take in the rain. They are all precision bombardments that alienate in an amiable way.

Nikos ten Hoedt

Designer / Musician / Organiser

I’m a visual designer and electronic musician. My work often starts from a technical approach and includes printed work, illustration, animation and web design. I prefer to work for educational and cultural fields including festivals, music events and foundations. In music I’m attracted to the deeper side of club music and work with electronic hardware and software. I enjoy organising small scale listening events and a monthly design lecture series in the Hague called Zefir7.

Noemi Biro

Graphic & Conditional designer

Graduated in 2019 from WDKA as an Autonomous Practice driven graphic and conditional designer. She researches new technologies and their potential use cases in visual communication and experiences. She creates conditions out of the participation of the audience and through hands-on research translates the input into visual identities and traditional graphic design outputs as well as interactive installations. Seeing people interact with my work makes her almost as happy as decorating a room for christmas or cooking a nice meal or rescuing a plant. Currently researching Augmented Reality as a platform for participatory installations and exhibitions.

Shiyun Deng

Artist / Graphic designer / DJ

Shiyun deng (*1994 CN) is an artist, graphic designer and DJ. She considers her practice as interfacing through various agencies. That often results in printed matters and digital/phonetic/time-based objects. Besides she has a graphic design collaboration with Dongbin Han as Studio DingDongDeng. She has a curriculum background in graphic design (Artez University of the Arts, NL) and industrial design (Beijing City University, CN).

Stichting Transistor


Founders, developers and fairy godmothers.

Time Window was initiated by Stichting Transistor. Jette Schneider and Judith Schoneveld want for artists to claim a steady position in society, on their own merits.

Anniq Nahumury / terrorkittens

Visual artist / Fashion designer

Anniq Nahumury (1987 Middelburg) is a visual artist and designer. She started her fashionlabel “Terrorkittens” in 2016 and designs high-fashion casual sportswear for women and men. She also does freelance styling, costume designing, dj’ing and art direction and production for theatre and television.

Marta Wörner

Performer / Pedagogue / Choreographer

Marta Wörner was born in Madrid in 1990. Her curiosity for meeting other cultures led her to live in London, the south of Italy and now in Rotterdam. Between those countries, she studied Audiovisual Communication and dance. The official story is that what brought her here is to follow the Choreography Master programme at Codarts, which she finished last year. Although, the actual story is that she dreamed she was living here when she was 13, so she decided to give it a try. She has been developing her artistic practice, always related to contemporary dance but under an interdisciplinary approach, as a performer, pedagogue and choreographer.

Sophie Stravens

Performer / Presenter / Curator

Lotte Louise de Jong

Media Artist

Mark Ridder


Nanko Meiborg

Musician / Composer / Educator

Lodewijk van Dijk


Ewan Macbeth Mitchell

Photographer / Filmmaker

Tessa Friedrich

Actor / Theatre maker

Former members, for always in our hearts

  • Merel Smitt
  • Tommy Ventevogel
  • Salih Kilic
  • Edna Azulay
  • Senna Pauli
  • Karlijn de Boorder
  • Simon Weeda
  • Keri Folkerts
  • Nele Mennes
  • Eva Toorop
  • Camie Bongers
  • Derk Stenvers
  • Martin Snip
  • Kiki Luitwieler/Frangi
  • Lavinia Xausa
  • Lowie van Oers
  • Michiel Cox
  • Olivier van Nooten
  • Dario Tortorelli
  • Levi Oostermeijer
  • Roeland Kneepkens
  • Judy van Luyk
  • Studio Ponzo
  • Meral van de Velde
  • Nikos Kostopoulos
  • Josine Slemmer
  • Omar Breeveld
  • Britt van Niedek
  • Bram Matthijs Hoestra
  • Heléne Binder
  • Clara Peeters
  • Lefkop
  • Jordy Dik
  • klein plein
  • Fanny Hagmeier
  • Lisah Baert
  • Joey Schrauwen
  • Annelies Hoeneveld
  • Katrien Ligt
  • Lynn Schutter
  • Giulia Di Pietro
  • Evan van Boxtel
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