At Time Window we regularly open up our biotope to host big and small events. Some are incidental, some are recurring. 


Calendar – 2019

jan 28 TW.Wiki s03e01

jun 1 Testival #2

sep 5-15 Time Window presents: De Brakkere Grond (residency @ Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2019) 

oct 23 TW.Wiki s03e02 – more info on facebook

nov 16 Testival #3 – more info on facebook

dec 7 Saturday sale X mas edition – more info on facebook




Awesome insanity (performance) art mayhem

Time Window members get to showcase whatever they want: a short performance, pitch, preview or a test – hence, Testival.

Birgit Welink performance Time Window Testival 2018

Next Testival: November 16, 2019

TW.Wiki logo


An evening with ‘spreekbeurten’ about everything

Anyone can volunteer to do a show and tell about something that interests them – as long as they don’t talk about themselves. During one TW.Wiki there are on average 5 speakers who get 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

TW.Wiki Victoria's Secret spreekbeurt

Next TW.Wiki: October 23, 2019

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