Still confused about who we are and what we do? That’s the charm! No but seriously, here’s some answers to questions we tend to get a lot.

1. How do I become a member?

We do not have an open call for members. We work with an estafette a.k.a. relay system: every current member can introduce one new member. There are three criteria: 1) has to live in Rotterdam, 2) makes work that interests you, 3) would fit in the community, be an active member and understands our values. So if you know one of our current members, maybe…

2. Can I rent a space?

It is possible to rent spaces from our studio owners for a limited time. There’s one dance studio and several rehearsal spaces. Please note that it’s difficult to rent a space on very short notice, so make sure you’re on time. Contact us for more information.

3. I still don't understand how it works.

Most of our members are individual artists, some work in collectives. As soon as a collective is part of Time Window, we count the individual members as members. That makes 50. There are 14 seperate studios. Those are being rented by members (we call them studio owners), most of them by sharing. We also rent a communal space. Some members don’t rent a studio, but do have access to this communal space.

4. What language do you speak?

Most of our members are Dutch, but we also have a lot of members from around the world. Which is representive of Rotterdam as it is now. So we choose to do all of our outside communication in English.

Our events are sometimes in Dutch, sometimes in English, mostly both. Always check the event info to make sure.

5. Can I rent a space tomorrow morning?

See question 2. But probably, no.

6. Do you guys get funding?

Yes! In 2021-2024 we are included in the Cultuurplan of the city of Rotterdam. We receive structural funding for events, talent development of individual members and professionalizing as a collective. However, we do not get funding for renting the space. Because we’re a big collective, we can all afford it ourselves. 

7. What does the name stand for?

Once upon a time, in an empty office building not far away… Time Window started out as a festival. The idea: every artist makes the festival. No curators, no programmers. There were no limitations to what the artists could show, except they all got a limited time frame (in Dutch: ‘Tijdraam’). And it was a window of opportunity. A time window. You see? (also, check out our awesome time line)

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