Fringe Residency 2019

We’re moving to Amsterdam! But just for 11 days: sep 5-15. During Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2019 we’ll move our biotope to the festival heart at De Brakke Grond

Every day from 11-22h we do… whatever we do at Time Window. Work, rehearse, eat, relax, discuss, meet, drink, drink coffee, organize events. All open to the public – yes, we also welcome you. Come and join, drink coffee with us, ask questions, plop open your laptop, hop on stage yourself, the possibilities are endless. See you there!

Residency core group: Marijke de Vos/Teddy shouldn’t smoke, Mihai Gui, Anniq Nahumury/Terror kittens, Pleun Gremmen, Borus Fortuin/borus.fuckyea, Birgit Welink, Ashley Boom, Milou Brockhus, Rik Zutphen/de Droominee, Lavinia Xausa.

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Artwork by Mihai Gui

Time Schedule

sep 6-15: open every day from 11:00-22:00

sep 5 (tba) Opening Fringe X Testival

sep 6 (tba) TF X Blessed Mess-ups

sep 7 (20h-22h) TW.Wiki

sep 9 (10:30-12:30) Breakfast Session #1 (Fringe Makers only)

sep 9 (10:30-12:30) Breakfast Session #2 (Fringe Makers only)

sep 9 (10:30-12:30) Breakfast Session #3 (Fringe Makers only)

sep 15 (tba) Fringe After X Testival

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