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We are Time Window: a community of 50 Rotterdam-based artists, sharing space and changing the system.


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Since 2014 we develop new working methods and innovative ways to collectivize as independent artists

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Test-Fest Bonus Content: Join Ioana & Katarina's online workshop

On Sunday April 25th from 19:00h the livestream starts, but in the afternoon you can already join an interactive workshop from 15:30-17:00. Please sign up in advance! Read the description below and click on the sign up button for further instructions.

Workshop: Collective raft making. Drifting outside the digital realm. 
In Rotterdam, canals surround us at every corner, yet much of their use is reserved for boats in passing. Last winter we could witness what it means if water becomes a public space with canals freezing for the first time in several years over longer period. With summer around the corner and a desire to be together in public space, we start to wonder what other possibilities of public water space use can be brought to the surface, or in this case, the canal. 
To explore this curiosity, we would like to invite you to a research by making workshop. For this first encounter we will focus on making one floating object: a miniature raft. The making will be supported by discussions around the personal meanings and relations to bodies of water in the city. 
The workshop will involve a short exploratory walk in your neighbourhood to collect bits of wood for the miniature-raft building, followed by a collective making session. Don’t worry, we will guide each step of the way 🙂 
Please prepare in advance:
  • String (yearn) – we recommend a colourful one
  • Scissors 

Online Test-Fest coming up: April 25th!!


We can’t believe it’s true, but there’s actually a new event coming up! 

On Sunday April 25 from 19:00, this page will look a bit different, because we’re going LIVE with 15 performances. These are the result of a mini-residency that 15 of our members are doing at the moment (all in different spaces or from home, of course), which is a new concept: the next evolution of our beloved Testival. 

Stay tuned via facebook and instagram and we’d love to see you back here on April 25th!

Under construction

Good news! After a hard 2020 we were accepted into Cultuurplan 2021-2024 of the city of Rotterdam. This means we will receive structural funding for 4 years to continue and formalize our development of new working methods. TimeWindow is now an official Talent Development Institute!

With our new budget we can also work towards a new site that represents us better than a WordPress theme with some pink added. Some of our tech-savvy members are working on it right now! The bad news for you is the website you’re seeing now is only a placeholder and the info is not completely up to date.

In the meantime it’s best to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and upcoming events. As soon as the new website is online we’ll announce it there too, of course.

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