Time Window functions as a permanent residency for a group of 50 artists from various disciplines. In 2019 we started with a try-out: some ‘Widdies’ got the chance to use the space for a short research period – without being interrupted by their day jobs. And, more importantly, without the pressure to present an outcome. Here you can read about their experiences.

 Check out our Collective page to see all current members.



Lucien Rentmeester

Actor / Theatre maker

Lucien is an actor and director. Together with Said el Abboudi he studied at De Acteerschool Rotterdam (graduated in 2013). They work together frequently and therefore share a rehearsal space at Time Window. A defining feature of Lucien’s work is the autobiographical character and his critical attitude towards the current artistic climate that results in a variety of non-theatrical-theatrical forms.


Lucien: “I used my residency as an opportunity to work on a new text. I asked myself the question: ‘How to use autobiographical elements to create a universal story?’ During the residency I let some people read the text to get feedback. With the end result I was able to gain a spot at a production house for further development.

I liked working at Time Window because it gave me a lot of breathing space to work – without the pressure to perform. That allowed me to just start creating, which was something I struggled with since graduating 7 years ago.”



Dario Tortorelli

Dario Tortorelli

Choreographer / Interdisciplinary

Dario is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rotterdam. He is the founder of DIVEinD – visual poetry of performing bodies – an art foundation that aims to push traditional boundaries between dance, performance, audiovisual arts and installation. Most recently Tortorelli is touring with a new piece TRANSMOTION, a sensory and multidisciplinary performance in which contemporary movement (inspired by folk dances) and live music merge with light and spatial design to invite the audience to be in and experience the moment.



Dario: “What I often do when I research, is to touch several points of ideas for future possible creation. This time I used my research to reflect on the way a creative process can become a working method or as well a shared practice, which in the near future I would like to materialise by giving a guided movement workshop based on my two last pieces, D NO BODY 5 and TRANSMOTION.

What I also did was to look back at videos (see example on the left), pictures, notebooks, and texts past working processes, to reflect on the way my work has transformed through time and how this transformation has influenced the way I create now.

What I valued a lot about this opportunity that was given to me is to literally have had the time to take the time to think, without having to deliver an immediate result. During the research period, I was also able to share some ideas with some of my colleagues, and I had a couple of one on one confrontations with some of the Time Window’s members including Lucien that was researching in that period too.”

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