Welcome back! Test test is this thing on? What happens when you let artists decide their own trajectory? No one is in charge here... We only have one rule: don't be a dick... There are no rules here... Nothing is mandatory here... Of course it's not mandatory... Pay what you want... This is free but you can pay if you want... There's a donation button below... Are you comfortable? Make yourself comfortable... Go grab a drink... How have you been? We missed you... Did you miss us? Welcome Back! Test test is this working?

That was TimeWindow Test-Fest

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Intro & instructions Moritz
Band performance Daatura

Interaction & Digital Worlds

Cybernetic Intimacies Lotte Louise de Jong, Noemi Biro & Ryan Cherewaty
#ShapeME: the online deformation HipSick: Mark Ridder x Nadîja Roza Broekhart
we are / VR stuff Mihai Gui


Heartbreak Hotline Sunny Heartbreak
Cake Roi Soleil

Narratives & Imagination

Thigmofiel Terror Kittens Collective
Terramorphose Pleun Gremmen & Djuna Couvee
Of Lullabies & Nostalgia Nina Catharina Markus

Bodies & Psychology

Meta_MorfBirgit Welink & Tessa Friedrich
STUCKEDZalán Szakács & Diederik Kreike
Solid MaybeTeddy shouldn’t smoke & Robbert Klein


Dance DictatorshipDjJJJ (in the body of Marta Wörner), DJ Jetti & Lavinia Xausa

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Pay what you want!

We made this event free for all to watch, because we want to share our work with as many people as possible. Just like in pre-corona times, when you could access our events for a donation of coffee or toilet paper. But now we miss our usual income from the bar and our stock is running out…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you want to donate, but you’re not sure how much, here’s some calculations:

  • €5 = 1 pack of filter coffee
  • €7 = 1 family pack toilet paper
  • €10 = 4 beers
  • €20 or more = when you’re a parent of one of our members and/or someone with a steady job outside of the cultural sector

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Test test is this working? I think it's working... Are we really hosting an event now? How do you do this again? It's been so long...It's been a year in the making? How do I connect with my audience through a screen? How are you doing? I hope you are doing well... Long time no see... Did you know we have tried to create an event for a year now? It got postponed again and again... But here we are... Test test is this thing on? Can you see me? Can you hear me? Did you miss me?

Who did you see during Test-Fest?

Moritz Geremus

Curated this event together with Lotte Louise de Jong.


With one hand pointing firmly to new music and the other acknowledging what has come before, Ryan & Birgit make music that breaks open walls to have a punk rock dance party in a warehouse squat. The plurinational band brings new energy to the drum/ synth/guitar/shouts paradigm.

Mihai Gui

True to the spirit of this event, Mihai doesn't really know what he's doing and how to describe it. Is it a VR experience? A zen-garden? A cathartic journey into the past and his failures? Maybe it's all of these.

HipSick: Mark Ridder x Nadîja Roza Broekhart

Mark & Nadîja are researching the possibilities of an online expanding version of HipSick's latest work #ShapeME. Consider it a before- or aftermath of the physical performative installation.

Noemi Biro, Lotte Louise de Jong, Ryan Cherewaty

Cybernetic Intimacies tries to make an old experience new in an interactive generative VR experience. Nurture your human soul and experience empathy levels like they were back in the day before 2020! 

Terror Kittens & Mathieu Wijdeven & Jip Warmerdam

We human beings see happiness as an achievement. For our furry best friend, the cat, it's a natural state. Thigmofiel is an ultimate 'catfulness' experience: take the catwalk towards enlightenment!

Pleun Gremmen & Djuna Couvee

Djuna and Pleun are at the start of a collaboration building a digital voyage along virtual islands, sharing romantic dreams about the future. Float away listening to the first story with Terramorphose.

Sunny Heartbreak

Heartache? Luvtrouble? Coronez? Give trailer trash king Sunny Heartbreak* a call during Heartbreak Hotline and let him soothe that troubled heart of yours. *Sunny is never seen in the same room as Borus Fortuin.

Roi Soleil

Matthijs Rijsdijk performs Frenglish pop music with a dash of queer glitter. Like if Lady Gaga, Stromae, Yelle and the Eurovision Song Contest would have a love baby. The golden persona is inspired by Louis XIV, also known as: the Sun King.

Tessa Friedrich & Birgit Welink

Tessa Friedrich and Birgit Welink researched women and anger, ending up with Ovid's Metamorphoses, from which they made the short associative video performance Meta_Morf.

Diederik Kreike & Zalán Szakács

STUCKED functions as peep hole revealing an intimate story of the human body stacked in a digital realm. Kreike and Szakács combined physical theater, performance and plays with digital spaces to construct tech inspired narratives.

Teddy shouldn't smoke & Robbert Klein

Composer Robbert Klein and choreographer Marijke de Vos used the mini residency to do some research in preparation for the new dance piece Solid Maybe by Teddy shouldn’t smoke.

Nina Catharina Markus

Animation for the podcast Of Lullabies & Nostalgia.

Marta Wörner

Dance Dictatorship is a guided collective physical experience that takes the format of a DJ set with related audiovisual stimulus. The facilitators of the performance are two ‘dance dictators’ who aim to lead you to celebrate a deep and wild connection with your body. Prepare to dance!


UMBRA is an audiovisual shadow play that experiments with the representation of the performer. A project by Mark Ridder, Nikos ten Hoedt and Zalán Szakács.

Test test is this working? Stay tuned, follow us, you know the drill... Maybe this summer already? Maybe this year? Maybe next time? We'd love to hear your voice again... We'd love to hear your thoughts... Just don't be a dick... Let us know in the chat... What do you think? Did we make it work? Still can't believe we actually made it work... This is the bottom the bottom of the page, nobody's going to read this... It's a decorative text, don't think about it too hard... Is this text scrolling too fast? How many beers would we have had by now? Did you miss me? Can you see me? Can you hear me? Test test is this working?

Want to know more?

About this event

We would have loved to invite you into our workspaces again, but the time isn’t right yet. After a year of waiting and postponing, time has become an even more abstract concept so we decided to just pick a date and see what form it would take. Here we are: our very first Test-Fest, online for now. Which is a test in and of itself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We did Testivals before it was cool. Back when it was still allowed, we regularly opened up our artist biotope, allowing our members to share snippets of their work-in-progress for an audience test. During the Testivals you could see lots of performances, expositions and installations in one night and become part of the experiment.

The Test-Fest is the next step in our evolution. Several of our members are given the opportunity to do a short research residency at TimeWindow, working towards testing the results during a small festival. Again, this is not about showcasing finished work, the main goal is to test test test – with an audience! 

Thanks to Gemeente Rotterdam, who welcomed us into their Cultuurplan 2021-2024, so we can continue the experiment, but bigger and better.

About TimeWindow

We’re a self-organized artist biotope that’s all about collaboration and room for experiment. As of 2021, we are a self-organized talent development institute, allowing artists to create their own path. Together we develop new working methods to change the system from within, towards an art world that’s more transparent, supportive and fair.

Read more on our website (under construction because a new one is coming soon – including a webcam livestream from our workspaces. Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to see)

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Is this really happening? We really made it work? Hope to see you IRL again soon? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Credits event

Curated by Moritz Geremus & Lotte Louise de Jong

Produced by Diederik Kreike, Noemi Biro, Lodewijk van Dijk, Marijke de Vos, Marta Wörner, Sophie Stravens, Neshon Venetiaan

Marketing & design Jip Warmerdam, Ioana Lupascu, Noemi Biro, Marijke de Vos, Pleun Gremmen, Ashley Boom

Music Moritz Geremus, Ryan Cherewaty, Jip Warmerdam

Big thanks to WORM/UBIK, Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting Transistor